Do as I say, not as I do.

So, I decided to relaunch after more than a few years hanging out in the attic. While I care about content over having a spendy custom design, or even content over having the best optimized site…

Don’t do what I just did.

… Which is to launch your blog with only 2 pieces of content. Visitors should know that you’re going to produce amazing content and will want to return.

Why did I do it and you’re not allowed to?

This site is my personal brand. My domain retains a page rank 4 after years of being a blank white screen. And it’s still a PR 4 for a reason.  I know what I do works for me. I hope I can pass along some of my special sauce to you. And you should stick around because what I do works.

Seriously, I was shocked as hell to find that sweet page rank 4 a few weeks ago. It made me get off my butt and decide to start writing again. And teaching again. And sharing again. Drop by again soon, I think you’ll like what you find. Or, you know, sign up for my newsletter.